Saturday, November 22, 2008

cuci bears~

they r swimming in bath tub


kicir-kicir dufan..simba,little simba n pinky froggy>>those i curik fr my brother.


i hate going out on weekend..prefer to stay at home even alone or even i've nothing much to do at home. maybe i'm bored wif surabaya life.. mall..mall..mall.. so if go back to malaysia, back to subang.. again mall..mall..mall ..just d different ppl i go hangout..waa..i love msia bcs of melepak kt maple..till pagi melepak pn best!! (miss family)

yesterday nite, i watched movie at galaxy. awake! smart huh being a cardiologist. that movie shows us that dont trust any beautiful gurl like jessica alba rather then ur beloved mom. because ur own blood that gv birth to u,, knows perfectly about her children. loving n caring mother that gv own heart/cor to d only son.(jgn jd doctor malpraktek)

today, i wake up early around 830am. itz early for me since itz weekend rite? maid came around 7am to give my bhn2 mentah-brg2 i titip fr pasar. thanks ibu.

so i decided to cook by myself today. since my hs area hard to get lunch esp on weekend. i'm not a chef. but i can cook sket2.. today i cooked ayam msk kicap+syr kangkung+tempe.zu n icha (my indo frenz) tasted my meals. i jst smiled when they puji2 me. mama always said to me..
mama: "adik intan dh makan?"
me: "dah mama. masak sendiri tadi.bwt ayam masak.. (mcm2 la)"
mama: "jgn la memasak.takut terpotong jari ngn pisau tajam tu.hati2.nnt takut tong gas meletup"
mama nvr forces me to help her in kitchen since i was small. 1 thing that she told us, afraid that we (my lil sister n me)might be hurt (terpotong jari ke)..haha..lgpn mama xnk menyusahkn kami.mama, we love u coz u do care about us too much. i'm a big gurl now, ma.. i can handle it and i can help u to serve d family. u can rest nw fr doing any household ma..
abah: "bagusla anak perempuan kne rajin kt dapur.nnt senang nk kawin"
ye laa abah! nnt intan masakkn for abah time blk msia nnt ok! muahx

while i'm waiting for my groupmate came to my hs for pharmaco discussion. i cleaned my room. itz so awkward to hold n sweeping using a broom. since my maid always do that stuff. but i hv to handle it in case i dont hv maid in future (hehehe)..i decided to "take bath" most of my soft toys. they r so dirty n stinky. yucks
adik chik: "wei beli, bear pinky tu kamu xpnh cuci ke? busukla muke dier"
me: "x. takut pinky rosak..since last time f5"
pinky is a russ bear given by my sister when i graduated fr tkc. seems she nvr been take bath for almost 5yrs.hahah
dl mak balkish pernah basuh kn meera-1 of my bear when i was in msia. bcs she said mira was soooo busuk.after she dh bersihkn meera..i liked wanna cry. "bau sabun cuci..dh xwangi mcm dl" haha..anyway thanks untie.
my maid pernah basuh kn rangga-my liitle lamb..rangga so cute n grey color (bsc of busuk)..actually ori color is white. ibu basuhkn my rangga without my notice bcs she said rangga was so ugly. for almost 1week i dont like rangga's smells.. hahaha..makasih ya bu..

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