Sunday, November 2, 2008


some1 jst threw me away like that..

some1 jst ignored me like i didnt exist in this world anymore..

some1 jst delete me in everything..for 3yrs~

even we knew each other since school.. even we r bestfren since small.. even we share lots of just like no more memories to u..

when suddenly u came back to me..

u keep on telling me whatz this n whatz that.. about ur life

when u said u really sorry about d past..

when u said u hv done mess wif me ..

i tried to pretend nothing happen.. smiling in fake

finally i just replied..

nothing to regret..

nothing to say sorry about..

nothing to be memorize back..

bcs what u hv done to me.. i've nvr think about it again.. me no more cry like a child..u n me hv to face our adventure in front of us.. u n me hv different of life..we can create new life without turning back...

for all u hd done to me.. i nvr angry wif u. i nvr hate u.. who am i? even Nabi pn memaafkn umatnya..


:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

tomb, caba tomb..i'm ere. *higs!
keep the wonderful memorizzz je.
muah2* luv yah!

freNNy said...


lang sentiasa memahami gwe.. kerna itu gwe syg bangat sm lang!

lesbian partner.. lang.. i dh ckp kt my maid psl nk cbut gg tu.. suh cari patients..

lang.. lme nyeh xhangout wif u... dentistry bz kalah bdk2 medic.. cet !!