Tuesday, November 4, 2008

unknown number~

i dont know..a few times i get unknown num..

itz really annoying.. keep on messaging n calling till late nite..

i dont know where those ghost get my num..when i asked..they gv lots of reason..

i tried to talk in good bhs indonesia..for them not realize that i'm outsider..

if they knw that i'm msian..lg laa ...suke sgt kacau..

i jst said.. "bisa g kamu jgn ganggu aku lagi.. aku g suka berteman.." then i off

i dont like strangers.. for me.. they r bad.. bcs i'm a gurl.. i always remember what my parents told me..

i keep on getting msg fr another person.. when that ghost knw my name. i was shocked..(only certain clled me intan)

i'm tried to change my cellphone no.. rmai membebel suke sgt tkr ..ssh nk contact..

pnh dl.. a ghost topup for me Rp50,000 for me to msg him (i was.. what d hack! hell no!)

i hate guys talk about sex !!! serious damn i hate u guys.. xder moral agama ke??

i hate unknown no.. when i pickup private no (yes bcs i tout that fr msia)... but itz not !

i hate it..hate it..hate it..

i hv lots of frenz! i dont need new frenz like u guys...( i only like my indonesian frenz at my campus..other then that..NO! )


missy suzi said...

rmi fans u kat sane ek??
ouh,pandai fren skang..hahaha~

freNNy said...


ingat fren artist kee ?? nk kne ader fans nih?? nih mamat physco mane tah xknal..

ieeuuuuuu... xmau!!! helpppppp... ahahahaha..

jgn ganggu syeee!! ahahha...

suzy! cpt dtg surabaya

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

u tau x pasal true story kat indon.
org call, tapi num x knal
org tu angkat je mati
sbb on the other side, caller tu ade ilmu hitam.
i dgr ni cite tol.
so i mmg da lme if num x knal
i mmg sengaje tak angkat.
takecare hun!
indon macam2 ada!

freNNy said...

oh?? gileee....

takut!!! cuakknyehhh...
i pnh dgr..ader org msg anta ilmu hitam!! kan? kn dlm tv..mcm heboh gell...

xperla.. Allah will protect us if we believe in Islam n God.. insyaAllah..

hope we r protected fr black magic.. i knw indon too lot of cases.. mcm2 .tq syikin for ur good advises

berdoala byk2.. stay away fr bende2 jahat n syirik.. amin