Wednesday, November 12, 2008


hari2 sye busy..

jumaat lepas awal pagi dh kne bangun.. pdhl aimi nyenyak tdo.. kne g kunjungan RS (hospital)..

dr. ayue in charged for our group (B8).. tapi boys lmbt plak dh dtg..biler clled..suara br bgn tdo.. tulaa apan, amer.. hahaha.. (dr. ayue is so nice n beautiful)

smpai kt hospital.. ader dr specialist urology in charged our group..msk bhgian bedah Urology.. sume about catheter.. time tu tgk la patients yg nk ganti catheter ikut urethra n ader yg trokar sistosomi. ader bdk kecik nih dlm 5-6thn, nanges2.. sian sye doctor PPDS - students nk ambek prog specialist-... santai la hensem..lepak2 plak tu..baek je.. time kunjungan RS mmg byk laa exposure to hsptl life.. n i love it coz we can ask d specialist any questions.. even they will allow us to help them.. assistant doctor ( Oh.. sye tlg dr gak)

monday lepas ader PPGD - basic life supports .. my group last shift 5-7pm.. so around 730pm br blk fr hsptl.. smpai umah around 830pm after dinner tired..

today ader xm lab pathology.. ader sye jwp salah (syg btol!) cz 1st quest tgk kt microscope.. i was like gelabah n gabra..i xperasan tu swiss cheese pattern for hyperplasia endometrium.. i jwp metaplasia endometrium.. sygggg btol !

after exm.trus g lab ngn nouz..ambek vaccine Hep B for 1st injection.saket tgn :(

so tired..blk ptg tu futsal..kt kenjeran..for karnival sukan se-indonesia at jogja this fri 5am team surabaya bertolak..14-16nov

sok ader lab pharmaco (ader pretest essay lgk).. till 3pm.. ptg 5-7+pm PPGD kt hsptl.. mlm trus gather at my house my group pharmaco nk discuss for discussion pharmaco.. me!

penelitian for proposal (kind oh thesis) blom start ape2 lgk! tlg2..tlg2..tlg2.. thanks to both doctor pemimbing (sp. pathology n sp. surgery in GIT)

sye kepenatan.. i need rest n cool down ..i need entertainment which is bed rest n sleep whole day n hangout alone (meaning lepak kt rumah without any works)

such a busy life~

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