Tuesday, November 25, 2008


it is raining..

my whole life stuck in d middle. cant go out.. wanna sleep?xbestla ..i can see its pouring n i can hear when d rain is dropping..in front of hs compound n street..hmmpp.. (dh jd mcm sawah bendang dh nih)

i'm afraid of blackout..esp when i stay alone at home at night..

aedes? dengue? yes it is,, i can see they r flying free searching for human's sweet blood.. *happy mosquito*.. (baygon plzz)

NK said "bkn ko duk kt town ke?mcm ne leh banjir?"
me: " jakarta pn leh banjir..nih surabaya"

hahah.... my home sweet home ~kedong pengkol 3/8 .. air naik paras tapak kaki.. i am victim of mangsa2 kebanjiran.. so help me..charity donation to me plz.. what can i do? only seat on bed n pray on bed..thanks ibu (maid) tlg mop n nyuci rumah..

p/s : pasrah wif kehendak Tuhan. what we can do is only pray that everything gonna be alrite...to penduduk di Indonesia. jaga hygienic n psg ubat nyamuk.. bahaya dengue..demam berdarah..to Republic Indonesia.. kne baiki drain bg dalam sket..n jgn buang smpah merata2 can caused banjir kilat.

-musim kemarau pn susah, musim hujan pn susah. moral of d value..jgn mengeluh~

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