Saturday, March 20, 2010

ProxiMaL MusCLe WeaKnesS ~

Winging Scapula

Last 2 nights, i text my lovely Auntie, Makteh. She took care of my siblings since we were kids till teenagers (she stayed with family till my aged around 15 then she get married) coz mom and dad bz with their works. She married now with 4 cute lil kids (Awish 7, Marry 6, Baby Mia 4 and Baby Kaseh 1+)

Now i'm growing older (ok i mean not too old ..not a girl but not yet a woman..yela in d middle..hehhe) so it's my turn to reward back what Mak Teh had done to us *baby sister*. Mama and Abah also told us (Along, Adik Chik n me) always remember Makteh, be nice/respect to her and her family, once we start our carrier don't forget to give her some of our salary. Sometime, if i have extra money, i love to buy Tudung Kanak2 for Marry and baby Mia, kopiah kanak2 for Awish, cute name tags from Bandung, dresses and kemeja from Jogja, story books and coloring books and others. I also bought Makteh and Mak(my granny) Semi-Silk Kain Kurung as my successful in business through online shop

I just missed her so much.
I text to her "Salam Makteh, mcm mane kaki? sakit lgk ke?"
She beeped me back "Wslm, Intan. Sakit kaki lg teruk..tapak kaki. nak jalan susah n sakit sgt.."
I was dreaded because she had complaint about it since last month and she just met Orthopedic (specialist in bones).
I tried to call her but ... "maaf, kartu kredit anda tidak cukup utk membuat panggilan ini" oh damn, no credit in this emergency situation! I went out to top-up *thanks Mas jual magazines and koran (newspaper)*

Let's review~name- Makteh, gender- female,age- early 40, race-Malay, job-housewife

Chief complaint-pain like tingle in both feet till can't move and walk for past 1month+. (proximal muscle weakness)

Before this, past 3 months she had pain at her back (around scapula and m.trapezius), radiated to left hand till elbow-humeral, biceps and triceps (till she can't raised her hand or carry her baby), then radiated to waist, then to leg on knee but now (until now) on both feet. Today she recovered from her pain (the upper part of body) except on her feet.
I investigated that no numbness, no vomit or blur vision, gastro-intestinal are normal, and no trauma. *since i cant check her by myself so i can't figure-it out her face (ptosis or facial weakness or others), muscle waste, reflex, or gait (just she said she still can feel the sensory on her feet and she had difficult in walking-related with gait)*

She went to clinics twice before this and the Dr just said it was only stress and bla2 (hate it), then on the 2nd Dr, they referred her to Orthopedic. She met the Specialist and do several checked-up as followed; blood sample-normal (meaning no infection), no uric acid/gout, no diabetic (exclude endocrine myopathies,Myasthenia gravis), no hypertension, xray on knee and leg are normal, urine sample kotor skit (maybe upper urinary track infection) but dah dapat Antibiotic, thyroid levels are normal (exclude MG) . On the 2nd appointment, Orthopedic said it was nothing wrong.

But for me, i might said that it related with nerves (yela saya belum Dr lgk). So, i sms my Auntie, "makteh, salin ni bagi kt Neurologist (specialist in neuro) nanti. Proximal muscle weakness for investigation of muscle disorders - serum CK-creatine kinase, EMG-electromyography and muscle biopsy." i can hear her weak voice over the phone *i can feel your pain and how suffering you are because you still have to take care of your husband and small children on the same time*

I diagnosed a few types of illness related with muscle disorder after discussing with my friends and referring to books (no need to mention what i'm thinking right now). Just i hope it's not true and may Allah give her strength to fight and recover as normal. I know u're afraid to deal with it. But we (family) always give moral support to you, Makteh. Moga cepat sembuh.

take note- no family history of muscle disorder

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