Monday, March 15, 2010

Drinking Alcohol ~

What are the tastes of drinking beer, bintang, red or white wine?
As we know that Islam forbidden us from drinking but why certain of us still cross the border line?
What are so special about this drinks? Why not choose Coke or any soda drinks as replacement?
That's why people said, Allah forbidden us from doing this and doing that but we still want to to do it because we have heart but we don't have the soul towards Allah. Why people still drinking even we know it will remains as "haram" in our blood and flesh for the rest of our life (if we din't ask for forgiveness/taubat)? Why human love to break the rules? Or does it sounds cool if i'm drinking and u're not?

In my country, Islam is more strict, control and heavy punishment for those Muslim people who are drinking in public, free sex, "tangkap basah", halal logo in restaurant and lots more. Do u still remember a woman model was caught drinking in public? *hukuman sebat pertama dilakukan ke atas wanita di negara Malaysia*

What happen in Indonesia? You can see a lot of Muslim people still drinking anywhere. Don't go too far to Bali, it also happen here when bapak2 gang minum2 todi selambe je mabuk2 (dangerous if a girl walk alone at night).

1 night, I went hangout with my Indonesians friends at Pakuwon , we went into Circle K (24 hrs mini market like 7E) and the boys bought half dozen of beers.
1 night, I went hangout with my best-friend, ex-schoolmate at Asian Cafe, Subang. Most of the tables with "arak" and most of them were Malays *shame of my race*. A group of young teenagers were seating next to my table and they were playing a "destroying games". A boy took a bottle of beer and spun it on the table and if it pointed to any1 of their friend, he/she had to do any true or dare. Then I saw a few girls stood up and kissed all the boys in their group. *where r your moral, attitude as a girl and why u're so cheap? *maybe bitches are anywhere*

Alcohol goes directly into the bloodstream, physically affecting the whole body. Some illnesses and health problems caused by alcohol include:

  • Hangovers. Headaches, nausea, vomiting, aches and pains all result from drinking too much. Drinking to the point of drunkenness makes you sick
  • Weight gain. Alcohol is not water. A beer has about 150 "empty" calories that provide few if any nutrients. That's why we can see drunk people with big fat belly...gross

  • High blood pressure. Along with being overweight, high blood pressure is associated with many serious health problems.

  • Depressed immune system. Impaired immunity makes you more likely to contract viral illnesses such as flu and infections.

  • Cancer. 2-4% of all cancer cases are related to alcohol. Upper digestive tract cancers are the most common, hitting the esophagus, mouth, larynx, and pharynx. Women who drink prior to menopause are more likely to develop breast cancer. Your risk of skin cancer doubles if you drink slightly more than "moderate levels." Some studies implicate alcohol in colon, stomach, pancreas and lung cancer. And let's not forget the liver.
  • Liver disease. Heavy drinking can cause fatty liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis and cancer of the liver. The liver breaks down alcohol at the rate of only one drink per hour.

  • Alcohol poisoning. Drinking large amounts can result in alcohol poisoning, which causes unconsciousness and even death. Breathing slows, and the skin becomes cold and may look blue. Don't let a person in this condition "sleep it off." Call 911.

  • Heart or respiratory failure. Excessive drinking can have serious results. Heart or respiratory failure often means death.

Other long-term effects of heavy alcohol use include loss of appetite, vitamin deficiencies, stomach ailments, sexual impotence, central nervous system damage, and memory loss.

Let us recall back what happen in Acheh? Tsunami in December 2004 destroyed the city in one breath. 226,000 Indonesians were killed or went missing in the disaster, and approximately 500,000 were left homeless. They said it happen because lot of "dirty things" were done by the villagers such as "laga ayam", maksiat, drinking and others *sad because majority of them are Muslim*

Don't only blamed to Acheh and Indonesia. What will happen to my country?

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