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CaMpUs LiFe ~

I've been in Surabaya since 2006.. today 8th March 2010...

Alhamdulillah i've survived all the tiredness of being a med student, sweet escaped to Hospital to finished up my proposal (sem4) and research (sem5), the emotional of learning PBL with group discussion, "makalah" and presentation, interesting skills-lab and others

so let me preview my hectic life in campus ~

1st sem
# happy life, homesick, pressure of ospect (every junior hated it), bio-med

2nd sem
#i started to feel pressured and stress when i learned Human Anatomy. Doctors in department of Anatomy and Histology were really supportive and cool. (till now i'm closed with them esp Dr. Chairol, Dr. Suzy, Dr. Bambang, Dr. Subadjio and others). We had to deal with cadaver and dissect the real human flesh ~ you have to know the names of muscles, bones, brains veins, arteries and nerves. where it goes, from where, the origin and lots more~ so twice a week we faced our cadaver, and we smelled "good" (because of the strong formalin)

i'm really a hard working girl (since my doctors said you have to learned at least 4hours per day to keep your brain working for Anatomy).. hahha..

the funniest thing i still remembered when i cut my cadaver's penis. we've learned that in lecture hall 1st for what to today every time before we entered the practicum. we have to know the veins and others in the penis. so, i thought that we can cut it off to see what was inside it. (actually the other group didnt done it).
after i've cut it off, a doctor came to my table and he said " kok tragis sekali?" while he bent himself.
omg.. am i wrong? am i gonna be scolded? but i'm lucky that day. i'm not ;)
but most of the Anatomy doctors were really nice to us even though they were strict.
so after we had finished our practicum, we had to clean things up.
i don't know where to keep the penis ? (what? should i bring it back home so the next day i'll bring it back to practicum?)
finally i just kept it in his rib cage (but unfortunately the next practicum, the penis was gone.. maybe dropped in the formalin pool where all the cadavers were "sleeping")

for your info, how my University can get a lots of cadaver? how the process and procedure? does it legal for med students to dissect real human/cadaver?
- when some1 died in hospital within 2weeks no one claimed the body, the hospital will sell the body to University. it cost around Rp 2millions (about RM 800) per body. then they will insert formalin in A.femoralis (around tight) and douse in a formalin pool for 1 year (to avoid infection such as HIV, hepatitis and other disease contact with blood and liquid)
- some said med students cannot use real human but some said it is allow as long as in studies and learn to know (respect the cadaver as human-being)

Anatomy divided into 3 packets. 1st was - extremitas (legs and hands), 2nd - thorax and abdominal, 3rd - head and neck.
* i think the easiest was 2nd packet when i got past in the exam even doc called my name for some silly mistake i've done* (students should not doodle in questions paper or else you will get zero marks). lucky me when the Anatomy team didn't punished me.i asked them y? the reason was i was brave to commit my mistake.
*the hardest was 3rd packet-head and neck coz we had to remember even tiniest part of brain (a lot of colorful pins will inserted into the slices of brains so you have to name it)

Anatomy Lab

Histo Lab

3rd Sem
# it was important to learn physiology. and biochem *boring*
physio lab with frog's leg (the contraction of muscle gastrocnomeus), frog's stomach, turtle's heart
i just don't really like biochem's lab

4th Sem
# i love Phatology Klinik. for me it's easy to score in practicum (you have to remember like 10-15 kind of experiment and techniques in lab, pathology and other disease but on the exam day.. only 2 will come out for blood test and urine test). Doctor praised me caused she said i should got 100% but i forgot something *i dont remember what* so i got 96% (i didn't mean to show off but it just that sweet memory for me during campus life)

In PK lab, I still remember when students should learn how to withdraw 5cc blood from cutaneous vein in arm using syringe, then we mixed with anti-coagulant or just throw it (waste yeah??) So we learn how to do by inject our own friends !!! hahahaa.... (aku cucuk ko..ko cucuk aku).. doesn't it cool?? the 1st thing i tried from Zue's blood.. then she took mine (it happen in my room coz i asked the Dr for extra syringe and he gave me 2).. 1st time !! felt like fainted!! hahaha.. den d next lab, i tried to Aiman, Yoga n other students.. overall i've tried 7 times but the most successful only 3 :)*occay, who wanna me to withdraw their blood?*. Oh, Aiman used to take my blood but what happen next?? hematome for 1week !!! *kapilari pecah*

i love Microb and Parasit !!! my doctors, Dr. Eddy and Dr. Subadyo still recognized me till now (or maybe i'm too friendly?). i love when my Parasit Dr will asked us lots of question before we start our lab and i always ready to answer it (even though sometimes i'm not so sure about it) hehehe..

5th Sem
# i love Patologi Anatomy ! i love to learn and to see the human parts with disease such as sample of biopsy of breast cancer, squamous cells carcinoma, a toe with malignant tumor, lungs cancer, and lots !
Pathophysio was interesting and med students should conquer this subject ;)
i'm not so good in Pharmacology *stress*

Presentation for Pharmaco Case

Lab Pharmaco using cute bunny for anaestacy drugs *ciankan rabit tu*

6th Sem and 7th Sem >>> Clerkship Years (will story later)

Alhamdulillah, i've past all the years..*now becoming Doktor Muda* i've make my parents and family proud of me, thank to my lecturers for non-stop giving us knowledge, friends in my batch PD'06, seniors esp Nadhirah,Cikin, Arina Auliya, Yasmine (all FK05) and super2 seniors and all of Malaysians in Surabaya :)
Not to forget my lovely buddies- Loot (she was Pharmacist student in UGM and now is working at Hsptl Sg. Petani), Add and her fellow friends- (final yr medical students in UiTM), K.Nuzul- (final year in Unibraw, Malang), my pre-med geng - Nani, Alia, Coco, Syaz, Syed, Kak Haya, Hadi, Ketam, Lala and others

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