Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is ThaT my BabY?

when my old frenz ym me..asked about fertilization and implantation .. when it happen...(according to Williams textbook 6-7days)

she asked me bcs her friend, (let's called him Pen) ..suspected her wife pregnant not fr his own sperm .... ayat kasar sket...bukan anak dier lah...

Pen went back to continue his studies after 3weeks left his wife.. then he was shocked when he knew that his wife pregnant 2weeks...

my old frenz asked me how itz happen... (since i love obgyen beriye2 lah explain) ...

for me, it is impossible for them to hv baby.. i explain it how it goes since Pen too suspicious about her wife n future coming out baby.. ~

last period/mens of Pen's wife on 17th sept (ovulation around 24th sept - waktu subur 14days before the next 1st day of period)
they had sex btwn 24th till before he went back to Indonesia, 29th

fertilization n implantation of the embrio to uterus around 6-7days
so 3weeks after Pen at Indo, he get news that his wife was pregnant for 2weeks..

logic n msk akal..

p/s: to Pen.. i hope plz dont suspicious to ur own beloved wife..even i dont know both of u.. it might hurt her feeling like u're stabbing on ur own wife's chest when u too suspicious that the baby is not urs.. remember, it was mainan syaitan .. (xkesahlah zmn muda2 org social sane if dh husband n wife..should respect, loyal n believe each other to maintain d bridge )

to all man out there, plz responsible for what u hv done.. ingat halal haram esp free-sex ~ seronok kt dunia jer, azab akhirat xleh lari jgak

hope Pen believes that the baby from his own sperm n believe that i'm trying to help both of u. but if u still cant accept my theory..u can do DNA test after the baby born

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