Sunday, April 4, 2010

HappY biRtHdaY to Me :)

I love those pictures ... Anyway thanks to Nad, Acap, Arina, Auliya, Pika & Amar.. sweet sgt korang.. sedap brfdy cake tu ! xtau pn they nk bwt comel la acap dtg bwk cake! haha... after makan2 we g support Infuse Band (Yasmin, Adam, Aki, Faried n bdk Indo lain xknal) ..performed kat Speedy belakang TP. yeahhh Min rockkkk !!!

Thanks to mama when she faced between death and life just to labor me on 29th March 1986. Thanks mama & abah for ur commitment, loves, caring, n responsible parents to raise 3 of us with tears & joyful. Along celebrate birthday same date & month with me too on 29th March 84 while Chik on 14th March 87. When we were small, every year we celebrated our birthday together having some party at home (tq mama dh melayan kerenah kami..tq maksu, makteh n sume2 auntie2 & uncle2 kesayangan kami)

Tq mama.. tq abah...

Hoping that we can reward u with golds, jewelery, luxurious cars and big house. But those things are not as high as ur loves towards ur children.

May Allah bless our family. Only Allah knows ur kindness and both of u had done such a good model as parents to color our life. Just like people said that children are white, pure and plain , their parents who the one decided to create their life in future besides attitude, moral, religious and others.

We know that mama n abah proud of us. Seeing us growing as adult, mature, being a Muslim n Muslimah towards Islam, never put the important ones behind and with bright future (InsyaAllah). Along as accountant, me as future doctor & Adeq Chik as future lawyer. We still need ur prayers and bless to become successful persons in future and of course we need both of u where ever and when ever we are.

Thanks En. Zainudin Hj Othaman and Pn Norihan Jaafar. We always pray for ur health,murah rezeki, panjang umur, may Allah forgive ur sins, may both of u always hear the good news from ur children, tears on ur cheeks because of our high achievement but not on our failure.

We love both of u !!

-Along, Intan & Adik Chik :)

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