Saturday, August 1, 2009

ReCovEred fr SwIne Flu ~

Juanda Airport..

my bestfren came to visit me with mask.. sweet Izni

i started to hv high fever, headache, nausea, vomited, arthalgia, flu and cough on 9th of July.

at 1st i thought only normal symptoms of fever during exam weeks..stress, lack of sleep, low immune..

on 10th i went back to my country. i had high fever on the plane and it seems very serious coz i had chest pain too.then i was suspected H1N1 since the heat sensor detected the red image on the screen. the doctor gave a small yellow card H1N1 if i still had fever i have to checkup to any government hospital immediately.

went i reached home, i wake-up early in the morning and had fever and vomited a few times. so my family sent me to Hospital Klang. thanks to my sister for accompanied me while i was quarantine for a few hours for the check-up. the doctor said i might be high risk coz medical student direct contact with patients at hospital.

the next day, 13th. doctor fr LCCT airport called me. then a few minutes later Hospital Klang called me and confirmed that the nasal swab was +ve H1N1. i was screaming on the phone..shocked with the result. later, doctor fr Petaling called me and interviewed me with lots of questions. - where i am past 1week, what hsptl, uni and home add at indonesia, who i had closed contact with, my plane and seat no, timing and bla2...

3times went to Hsptl Klang n HKL for check-up. home quarantine for 1week with mask all the way.

anyway, thanks to my family members for supporting me,doctors, friends all over the world (so sweet for calling me, sms and FB).. i love u guys.. terharu like every1 seems so concern about me..thanks ! and thanks to Allah for still giving me chance to survive wif this new viral infection.

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