Tuesday, May 20, 2008

meD sTudeNTs sKem~??

ooohh no... i hate this title.... (sorry i'm not included ..surrender cpt2) .... actually what is d

definition of skem??? i think it based on each person nyeh definition laa rite ...

arghhh.... issue nih released when my frenz who's not doing med laa obviously in UK tibe2 je serang
me wif ques that itz hard for me defends myself..he said i miss something in my life?? yeahhh

oh noo..... beron n feena ( my lovely siblings) said that WoRdS to me gak !! gegaye

they really gile2.. yet saye je kene buli... hahhaa... loot, izni, phya gelakkn aku

gegaye blaja ngn qistina time overnite kt apartment izni..shit..hahahahah...

am i skem med student??? am i ??? aaarghhh night mare... i guess i am not.. alaa doesnt mean

xnak jadi skem kene pakai sexy2...g niteclub.. drinks..smokes,.. rite?? lots more fr da +ve sides

we can show ourself ... yeahhhhh !! idop bdk med... ahhahhaha hapusankn skema anda~ dorghh


acapkali said...

fren tak skema la
fren rock gler! yeaaahhh!!

freNNy said...

yeahh.. sye sehat2 saje..mane dee syndrome skem2 nih.. rock gell.. ahahha

ayenaucyuk said...

bdk medic mmg skemaa!!!! hahahaha...especially nad..

nad the nerdy bookworm!

freNNy said...

hahaha... pic BOSS!!! pink n blue! hahha... nad g tempe pyt pn bwk notes!

NKxvii said...

x sume budak medic skema kan hahahaha